Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I'm Doing Just Fine

My body has wrinkles on it
and I have a hard tine walking.
My eyes don't see very well and
my voice is like gravel when talking.

But I believe that Jesus is my Savior
and Jesus is yours and mine.
So all things considered I am doing
okay--I am doing just fine.

My heart rate is too fast and my
blood pressure gets too high!
And when I try to mow the lawn
it takes more than one try.

I don't hear every word when people
talk to me like I did in my youth!
Also, I am ready for dentures I am
getting down to my last tooth.

But, I believe Jesus is my Savior with
all my heart--He's yours and mine!
So, my dear friends all things considered
I'm doing great - I'm doing just fine.

For Jesus is with me and He will always
be and that I will never forget any day.
Yes, all things considered I'm doing just
fine I am most blessed to be able to say !!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry