Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Happy Ending, Beginning

Dear friends do you want your life
to have a wonderful happy ending?
Well, then you need to know what
happened in the beginning.

You see, God made the world in
six days and rested on Sabbath.
It is something you must believe
and you need no equations of math.

You must have faith that God was
the beiginning - the Master architect!
You can't throw up your arms and
say "I don't understand and Oh! Heck!

God has a reason for all of us being
here--He has the original plan.
Remember though, it is something
none of us will fully understand!

For God is love, He is the Creator
God is for sure the beginning!
And by your faith your life will
have a happy ending and the new

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry