Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Blessed Christmas Day

Oh, what a blessed Christmas Day it is!
It's Christmas time, we celebrate once more.
Our Savior came to Earth and still lives.
Now we rejoice in Christ with love in store.

God had His plan and He did His will.
God loves us so much He sent His Son.
Never again will we die and lay still.
We have our Savior, God's desire done.

Praise the tender love our Savior brought.
Praise Him this day and also rejoice.
Jesus is the one true Lord we've got.
Let all be humble in front of God's choice.

Oh, what a blessed day it is we celebrate.
Our hearts are full of joy, love and cheer.
May we never forget that our Savior is great.
To the last Christian proclaim -Jesus is here!

Now we know beyond the shadow of a doubt.
That God's love sent Jesus to die in our stead.
Our Jesus made perfect is what God's love is about.
We love Christ who is alive tho once was dead.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry