Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Safe And Cozy

My Dear Lord, I am so very warm
and so very cozy in my bed.
I am going to pray to You, Lord, and
I am thanking You for what You said.

Dear Lord, I love You and I thank You
for loving me and saving my soul.
I praise Your name only, Lord! You are
my salvation and heaven bound is my goal!

Lord, You are my guiding light through
any darkness or trouble that may ever come!
I turn my problem over to You and You take
care of it in Your own time and then it's done!

Yes, I am warm and cozy in my bed praising
You, My Lord, before I fall off to sleep.
Thank You, Lord, for I know deep in my heart
that You for sure will my soul always keep!

Good night my Lord, my eyes are heavy and
my mind is at peace yes, all is well.
But, in the morning, Lord, I will have another
prayer, only You I will tell

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry