Ujamaa Christian Poetry

One More Try

Dear Lord, can I have one more try?
I truly do want to come back!
I thought a little religion was all I
needed to stay on Your track!

A little relgion, does not mean a single
thing unless it's filled with faith and love!
It is easy to be complacent and believe
all is well with You and me up above!

I sure do need one more chance Lord!
I can see the many errors of my way.
The Holy Spirit has been working big
time on me for many a long day.

That is why I have not been able to get
one minute of peace in my mind.
Yes, Lord, I do love You! I want You
to know that Love in You I shall find!

Forgive me Lord, when I do not have
You as the one and only driving force.
Do I believe all things You do in my life
is for my best? I can for sure - of course!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry