Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Cold Hard Truth

Dear Friends here is the cold
hard truth.
Satan is the prince of the world
and is like an abscessed tooth.

Satan is a liar, he's the tempter and
does his best to hurt you, he is a
sneaky prancer.
Beware don't get caught off guard,
read God's Word and cut Satan out
of your life like a cancer.

If you don't, Satan will lead you
straight to his domain called Hell.
Keep the Lord in your thoughts
and not Satan and all will be well.

The cold hard truth is Satan is a
destroyer of all that is good.
If you let him control your life you
won't be loving others as you should.

Never forget it, Satan has his sights on
everyone, especially if you call your-
self a Christian.
Seek God's Words in Holy Scripture,
God is the truth and His love will give
you a lovely disposition.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry