Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Don't Use Satan's Breath

When you let curse words fire out of your
mouth, you are using satan's own breath!
You are doing exactly what he wants you to
and he is out for your eternal death!

When you let jealousy, envy or lies
into your mind and heart.
That's satan's work and in him you have
become a very wicked part!

Keep your eyes on Jesus for He has full power
over every one of satan's evil traps.
But you have to believe it or your walk
with Jesus will have many set backs.

We are all sinners, there is no one perfect,
we fall short many times in many things.
But what matters most is keeping the faith
and the forgiveness Christ brings.

One day satan will be defeated forever and
his power he will have not.
Be thankful for what God has in store for
us and every thing we have got!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry