Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Pay The Bill!

Sometimes it is better to just smile
at people and pay bill!
Even though the price was run up, it
nearly caused your heart to stand still!

But what good will it do to argue over the
charge - you'd fuss, fume and fight.
For your own well being you need to forget
about it and continue on in God's light.

God is forever and His love for us is more
important than mere money.
So, just pay the bill, smile and receive God's
blessings flowing like honey.

It just is not worth getting yourself all
mad, excited and worked up.
Write out the check, say "Thank You" and
then share in God's loving cup.

I know at times this will be hard to do
but it is for your spiritual best.
You can't take money with you but you
can look forward to God's eternal rest. Amen!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry