Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Let Them Go

I have heard it said, "That if you love someone
you have to let them go!"
That is what God has done for us, we have
our free will, we can travel to and fro.

We can have God in our lives or we
can leave Him out completley.
Of course, if we do that satan will come
quickly to defeat us, you see!

God wants us to come to Him in faith
and believe in Christ whole-hearted.
Think about it! You know God was the one
who got this whole world started!

God can light up the darkest dark and
you can receive all of His love.
If you cling to God, don't look down
at satan, look above!

God really says it best when He says nothing
at all, but you know in our heart He is there.
All you have to do is say, "God I love You."
and then you will forever have His care.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry