Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Pray For God's Will

I know that God hears my prayers
each and everyone.
God answers them all just as He
did for His Son.

Every time Jesus faced Satan's
tricks and temptation.
Jesus prayed to His Heavenly Father
to deliver Him from desperation.

Before Jesus was crucified, He sweat
in torment drops of blood for our sins
every single one!
Jesus prayed to God for strength to deliver
Him and that His Father's will be done.

God's will was that Jesus would have to
give His life to save mankind from sin.
Jesus' prayers were answered, not His
will but His Father's will once again.

Praying to God and His will in our lives
to be done is what all Christians pray for.
Jesus' prayers were answered and only a
fool would say God doesn't answer anymore!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry