Ujamaa Christian Poetry

How About You?

Our bird of freedom, the Mighty
Bald Eagle is flying high and proud!
We Americans are protected by God's
Power as the Eagle soars over the crowd.

If it had not of been for God, many times
we would have failed in our history.
But each time God gave us direction and
we followed to a supreme victory.

Yes, we are one nation under God and that
is the biggest blessing of all.
That means to all other warring nations
if they fight we will make them fall!

We are of all colors and creeds but we
stand united under God and His power.
Remember my fellow Americans, God
our Master is at the top of any tower!

Let us always band together also for our
flag the good old red, white and blue!
And let us pray to our God and humble
ourselves-- I am Pumped up! How about You?

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry