Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Five Dollar Prayer

When I was just a little boy, age not more than
nine or ten,
I wanted five dollars and I prayed for it over
and over again.

I prayed to God - I wanted Him to put the five
dollars under my pillow on my bed.
I was hard down on my knees and my hands were
clasped together until they turned red.

I prayed and prayed and after 15 min or so I
peeked under the pillow to see.
There was no five dollar bill and I figured God
wanted more prayers from me.

So, I got down to it. I prayed real hard and
told God I'd be a good boy and I'd not get in any
trouble ever again.
I told God , if I got the five dollars -not
another time in my life would I sin.

I made sure I had prayed for an hour before I
looked for the money-I figured that was all I needed.
But, I learned a lesson - God doesn't pay out
five dollars to little boys that way , but I wasn't

My Dad told me I could continue to work for the
last five dollars and then I could buy my bike.
Now, that's been 40 yrs ago and if I prayed to
God again for money-I would pray for at least a $1000
for the inflation hike!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry