Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Our Country, The USA

Our God is great and our God
is sure enough good.
For He lets us live in the great
USA, in every neighborhood.

Many a time God saved our Country
from being sacked and over taken!
God gave us all of His Love and His
protection never to be forsaken!

Wars come and wars have gone and
there is a war going on right now!
But we are blessed by God so much
we will prevail--God's power is how!!

There are many of us who make up
The United States of America clan.
But put us all together and we are
in God's strong right hand.

So, let us celebrate our freedom from
any force on Earth that is against us!
For we are very strong and we are bold
and we also have our savior Jesus!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry