Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Bacon And Eggs

When it comes to bacon and eggs
the pig is 100% committed!
But the chicken is only involved
when she sitted!

We have to be careful of who and
what we get committed to.
If we do not we can get led away from
from God and that just won't do.

If we get lost to God then we are the
pig--we get totally fried!
If we stay involved like the chicken
we will have God at our side!

This poem may be kind of of me just
fooling around and it is true--I am.
But I am still telling you of how
not to be forever damned!

So, stay involved with God and keep
your faith where it needs to be.
Then hallelujah!! To heaven you will
fly one day and you will live in Glory!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry