Ujamaa Christian Poetry

When It Comes To Father's Day

After Mother's Day comes Father's Day and
by then Fathers are pretty much road kill!
There is no way Fathers can come close to
Mother's Day--they just don't fit the bill!!

But there is hope and it comes from the Lord,
He gives Fathers at least a fighting chance.
He knows that Father's Day is just not a quick
"Hi" from their children and a fast glance.

So, bear with me all you Fathers out there
For I have my computer buzzing for you.
Because I am a father also and I do desire
what ever from my children I am due!!

Praise the Lord for He does give our children
the capacity to love Fathers on our day.
All they have to do is send a card saying "Hi
Dad I love you!" That's all they have to say.

But I am realistic though and we Fathers will
not get the attention like all the Moms did!
Even so, I am thankful to The Lord for
every thoughtfull Father's Day kid!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry