Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Dad Drew A Circle In The Sand

My Dad and I drew a large
circle in the hard sand.
It was time to play marbles
and he was the Man!!

The Lord gave me a real winner
of a Dad - all praise to Thee.
Yes, Dad had time to play marbles
after work - Oh Glory be!!

After a few years I beat my Dad
at marbles once in awhile.
And I don't think He let me win or
I would have noticed it in His smile.

Dad was proud of me each and
every time I would win at any game.
I figured out that was the best way to
be and now I do the exact same.

In this poem I honor my Great Dad
for being the best for me his son.
And I praise God for giving me
the best Dad, the very best one!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry