Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mothers Gentle And Kind

All mothers are soft gentle and kind but
that doesn't mean they won't whack you one.
Oh, yes, that's their stealth way of how
things really in this world get done!

How can a sweet Mom give her children
A good smack on the butt now and again!
Well everybody welcome to the real world
and that is how it is and how it has been.

The Lord sees to the children that their Mothers
are whoever she has to be at any given moment!
They cook, wash dishes, they do house cleaning and get
the food for the week and pay all bills that are sent.

God bless America then it should be God bless
every Mom how ever and where ever she may be.
I would surely go along with that plan because
My mother loved and took such good care of me.

So, come all you children give God great
praise for giving you a Mother to always go to.
That is what I am doing this Mothers Day
And might I add Dear Mom with all of my
heart I love you, I love you I love,I love You!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry