Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Mom, My Mother

Dear Friends, let me share with you some
wonderful words about my Dear Mom.
Right now, she is in Heaven with Jesus
part of her is in me, she's not really gone.

She never gave in she always pulled through
whatever was ever needed she was there.
What a blessing God gave Her, all she knew
about life was to give love and tender care.

Dear friends, let me tell you even more about
my loving, tender, caring, warm, sweet Mom.
When I think of Mom I think about all the love
there is the the Holy Bible in the 23rd Psalm.

My Mother did as God directed, and that was to
smile and always help others along life's way.
Yes, Dear friends, these are a few words about my
Mother that I have the blessing to write and say.

I could go on and on about my Mom but there is
no need--for now you know about Mom's story.
Now let us praise Jesus our Savior that my Mom,
Alice Harriet Noe is now in His eternal Glory!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry