Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Born Without Wings - But Born to Fly

We are born without wings, but we were born to fly.
God's spirit, which is inside of us, makes it
possible on the day we die.

We will have wings then and we will go upwards to
meet our Father and Maker.
But for now, we will have to keep our feet on the
ground and let God be our care taker.

That's really not very hard to do - but for some
people it really is.
They are people who still grapple with the truth -
that God still loves us and He lives!

They are in doubt about having wings and ponder if
they were born to fly one day.
They are the people who defy God's will in every
possible way.

So,if you feel that you are not going to fly and
you are convinced of that for a fact.
You should talk to God right now! He will store
your wings in Heaven and when you need to fly - God
will give them back!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry