Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mom's Long Arms

Most every person living knows about
their loving Mom's 6ft long arms!
They can come at you from any direction
even though their Mom's still have charms.

Sure enough those Mothers have one hand on the
Good Book but the other hand can strike!
I know it for a fact my Mom snatched me
off my brand new red and silver bike.

The Lord must have planned Mom's to have
that long reaching forever kind of ability.
Because when I was doing something wrong
those arms every time located me.

Now you won't read this report any place
but here but I must for sure speak up!!
For it will help you younger folks to respect
your Mom if you want to save your butt!

So now you know what happens when the Lord
gives to your Mother that long, long, long reach.
I am only the messenger and the survivor of
what all Mothers will do in order to teach!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry