Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mothers Are Special

God has given us mothers to provide
us with love and gentle care.
We are born and our Mothers from then
on give us love enough to share.

I have heard that when it comes to our
Mothers we will not forget them ever.
No matter our age we have a special place
in our hearts that will leave us never.

Moms are so great that God blessed each
one of them for us to always have and hold.
He has given all mothers such a gift that
even to this very day is still untold.

I remember my Mother as that splendid
person who held and comforted me.
She can't hold me up now but She can
Hug and hug--it's a real sight to see.

So, this Mother's day let us all do something
extra wonderful for what they have done.
And now I finish with Dear Mom You are the
most special, loving and giving one!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry