Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Oh My Dearest Lord Lives

Oh! My Dearest Lord lives beyond the grave.
I am most blessed not to death to be a slave.
For my Sweet Lord has shown me the way!
And when I die I will go to Him that very day!

Oh! Angels above sing loud praises for the living One.
Oh! People on Earth shout love for what He has done.
Let every knee bow and every heart with love explode!
For our most Sweet Lord removed all of death's load.

Our King is alive and He will never have to die again.
I praise Jesus, He is Holy and He forgives my every sin.
He has gone to the nether world and there He preached.
And right now for every believer Heaven is reached.

Do not tarry, do not muddle along this Holy Easter morn!
Sing, shout, applaud our Jesus for in Him we are reborn.
Come I say and join in with our Master's Holy Spirit.
Come, I say and celebrate this Easter Day and endear it.

Oh! My Dearest Lord, You live beyond the holds of death!
Oh! My Dearest Lord, I shall praise You with my last breath.
Oh! My Dearest Lord, I shall not pause to come when You call.
Oh! My Dearest Lord, Bless You for in rebirth You saved all!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry