Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Easter Story

If you follow God's plan, then Easter will be a blessing.
If you follow Jesus, then there is no room for 2nd guessing.
If you love our Savior, then you will live in His Realm.
If you cherish all that is Holy, God will be at the helm.

If you have the Lord 1st in your heart, then all is well.
For then you shall never have to come close to hell.
If you dedicate your days for doing good for others.
You won't forsake Jesus, we will be sisters and brothers.

I pray that the risen Christ will forever be in your soul.
Then you are saved and death will be in God's control!
For where else better than being with God can you be ?
When God is your Master one day Heaven you will see!

So, humble yourself before God on this Great Easter Day!
Tell Him you will commit your life to Him in every way.
Let Jesus come deep in your heart and He will deliver you.
Praise the sacrificed Jesus for His love it is a blessing to do.

Be thankful, be full of praise for what yet is for us to come.
Then you will be with Jesus in Glory where He came from.
I pray I will see you all on the awesome side of God's Glory!
This I write to you my friends, this is for you my Easter Story

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry