Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Every Woman, Every Man

Lord forgive me for the things I could
have done but did not do.
For I know the path is straight and
narrow to be with You.

Temptations can come easy and following
Your footsteps at times I get off track.
Forgive me Lord when that happens, I
pray to You then to help me get back.

I know Your help and guidance is only
one prayer away for me.
You know what I need before I pray for
there is nothing you don't know or see!

I am but a humble servant down here on
this place I call Earth with all it's sin.
You know what it is like here, You know
everyone's beginning and everyone's end!

I will rejoice in you Christ Jesus, I promise
to do my very best -- all that I can.
I will be strong in the faith in You, for You
gave Your life to every woman and every man!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry