Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Everyone's life can make a good book if written,
I've heard.
But who would want to read about some no-name
person? Who would read every word?

Many people's lives have a lot of activity - they
are always on the run.
As for others, I will write they are completely
opposite - they go very little or none.

There is one person who was written about - mainly
over three years of His life, a thousand days give or
take a few.
He was born of a virgin, grew up as a carpenters'
son. But, only to His Heavenly Father did He ever
pray to.

His name is Jesus, Lord, Christ and Emmanuel - which
means "God is with us." These names were said of Him.
He turned the world upside down with His messsage of
love and hope and salvation from our sin.

Isaiah 7:14

Jesus' life was worth writing about and that's what
millions of people have heard.
I'm here to testify to that - His life of every
page of His Book is true, every single blessed word.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry