Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Day By Day

The Holy Spirit inside of us does the
work that changes our life.
Day by day, little by little as the years
go by even when we face strife!

There are two roads to travel for
us human beings.
One road goes away from God
and that is not worth beans!

So we need to be open to God,
then the Holy Spirit will come.
We have free will to do as we please
but we don't have to be dumb.

When we are born we crawl as babes
and then slowly learn how to walk.
It's the same with the Holy Spirit
we must learn how to hear His talk.

It's through prayer, believing in Jesus
and blind faith in the Heavenly Father.
I will end this writing by asking, Is having
faith and loving God too much of a bother?

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry