Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Heaven's Gate

Believe in God's unfailing love and
receive His many blessings.
Then there will not be a lot of time
for any foolish guessings!

You will know for sure what God
desires and wants you to do then.
For saving grace is a gift from God and
The Spirit is what we should pray in.

Then with Jesus we are all kindred souls
with a key to open Heaven's Gate!
Saint Peter will say "Bless you, I saw
you coming, I didn't have long to wait!"

Through the open door our Spirits will
travel to the long streets of pure gold!
Many mansions will be there and a
place for the young and old!

So, receive God and His blessings every
day of your Earthly journey.
Stand firm in the faith and the Good News
Of Salvation will set you free!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry