Ujamaa Christian Poetry

One More Day

Dear Lord, just give me one
more try, one more day!
Give me another chance to feel
blessed and to You pray.

I know my life here on Earth is only
a mere stepping stone!
How many heart beats do I have?
Each one of them You own!

I don't know how many more days
or weeks, months or years!
But I do know Lord, You died for me
and my prayers bring forth tears.

That's when I feel very close to You
and my Great Heavenly Father!
And if it were not for You, Jesus, my life on
this Earth would not be worth the bother.

Oh my Lord, if it is your Divine Will,
give me just one more day!
Just one more chance to feel loved,
blessed and to You pray.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry