Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Sometimes we all have to do it-
fasting is what I'm writing about.
I fast on cookies and cake though
and in that there is no doubt!

But the extra calories can make my
clothes feel tight--but that is okay.
You see at times I just have to fast
for it is so good every day.

I've found out that cookies and cake will
for sure keep your feet on solid ground!
Come on now friends you know this poem
is meant to make you smile and not frown.

The Lord laid this thought on my door
step--I had to write about it you see.
So, please don't hold be accountable for
your calories if you do fast like me.

Isn't The Lord wonderful that He sees to
our needs in all that we want to do?
Well, I gotta run - the oven timer is buzzing
I must eat more cake before my fast is through!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry