Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Final Exam

A lot of people when they get older read
The Holy Bible as if they were studying
it as for the final exam.
Maybe they are refreshing their memories
about The Lord, so they cram!

I know the feeling because I get behind
on My Holy Bible reading also.
But we should all put out our best effort
and love to read as our days go.

Because we never will have the knowledge
of when and where we will die.
Only God knows that and He is the Maker
and also the Taker--that is why.

When white hairs come and our skin starts
to wrinkle and we are no longer srtong.
Then we all should get the idea that our
dying day will be coming along.

So, get your Holy Bible out and in the faith
read it and study it for the final test!!
Then you will be able to go to Glory when
you pass on and your spirit shall find rest!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry