Ujamaa Christian Poetry

How Do I

How do I keep getting up every
morning, again and again?
It is because of Christ Jesus for
I believe in Him.

For in the Bible, The Holy Bible I can
read the wonderful words He spoke!
I take each one of His Words as pure
Gospel--it's not some kind of joke.

It is for everyone of us to have a
relationship with our only Savior.
He died on the cross and His rebirth
has changed many people's behavior!

Yes, You Lord have changed the world,
in God's wisdom your death was Victory!
Your precious blood was shed for all of
us, even a lowly sinner like me!

I know I cannot face God without faith
in you Dear Christ Jesus!
You forgive our sins and Dear Lord, when we
confess -You will save us!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry