Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Come The Morrow

Whatever the morrow may bring.
There will be a cloud with a silver
lining and the birds will also sing.

Yes, my dear friends about these
kinds of things.
I know what the morrow brings.

For I traveled down roads that
seemed to have no end.
But at my darkest hour the Lord's
Angels He did send.

They comforted me and watched
over me on my trek.
My faith strengthened and the Lord
was with me every step!

Oh! Come quickly the morrow, I
have no doubts or a single fear.
For the Lord's love brings us all to
Him, praise Him, He is so very dear!

Yes, come the morrow and we will all
rejoice as the song birds sings.
Come the morrow quickly there is joy
in my heart--I know about these things!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry