Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Christian Can Get Angry

If you are a Christian it can be proper at times
to get angry at sin but not the sinner.
The sinner is doing wrong because Satan's influence
and Satan to his deceit is no novice or beginner!

Be on your guard that anger does not also make
you walk a path of sin.
Bitterness, rage, harsh words and slander are all
types of actions Satan wants you to do, stay from them.

We must be quick to forgive sinners so our anger does
not fester or ever overflow.
Satan is waiting for you to stay angry it works to his
advantage, then Satan won't let go!

Praise the Lord! We don't have to fend Satan off by
ourselves, we have the Holy Spirit and His power!
So don't get overly angered by sin, forgive the sinner
and stay with the Holy Trinity every hour.

Do not ever let the sun go down on you because you
are so mad that you cannot see!
You won't sleep good, your Spirit will suffer also,
just go to sleep with God peacefully.

Ephesians 4:26,27

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry