Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Right From The Start

All good comes from God, but
Satan will have no part in that.
Satan is the one who disrupts
everything wherever he is at!

God threw Satan out of heaven because he
was a powerful angel and wanted what God had.
Satan rebelled with some other angels and ever
since that day they have been mad.

The first chance Satan had to deceive in this world
was in the Garden of Eden, he tricked Eve and
that was the very first sin.
God found out and made Adam and Eve leave the
Garden to toil the rest of their lives-- that is what
happened to them!

Right from the start, Satan in this world began
his evil and he continues it to this very day.
But by God's Grace we are not over-powered
by Satan--Jesus took care of that,I'm thankful
to be able to say.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry