Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Rough Edges

My Dear Lord, I state I am a Christian but I still
have many rough edges, I must confess.
Many times I find myself thinking about things
I shouldn't, it is wrong--I don't have to guess.

It seems as though that I take two steps forward
and I am in Your guiding light.
Then before too long my mind gets me side tracked
and from You I quickly lose sight.

That is why I say to You that I have still got some
rough edges that I cannot smooth out!
But I believe only You are my Savior and in that
I have not a single doubt.

Looking at my life as it is now, I need to get closer
to You and it's going to take a whole lot more prayer.
I know Lord, you will help me and in that truth when
I call on Your name, You will be there!

Help me Lord to over come my sinful thoughts that
cause me to want to satisfy my human desires.
I don't want to be defeated by the Evil One and end
up away from you Lord--doomed to Satan's fires!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry