Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Don't Fret , Worry Or Hurry

Why fret or worry or hurry about today or
tomorrow, it may never come.
You may go to sleep tonight and your earthly
life will be done.     Luke 12:22, Matt.6:25
All the worry in the world will not change
one single thing.      Matt. 6:27, Luke 12:25,26
Satan wants us to worry though and only
aggravation he will bring!

If we are Christians we are to live one day at
time with love and accept what may come.
If we have the Holy Spirit inside of us we will
never from anything need to run.      Luke 12:22

Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us in the Holy
Scriptures that worry does absolutely no good.
It doesn't help us to do it and there is no
possible way that it could.      Matt. 6:27, Luke 12:22, 25,26

So I write, pray for patience and endurance and
forgive those who try to make you worry.      Romans 5:3,4
Pray for kindness during trials it shows a lot
of character and slow down there's no need to hurry!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry