Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No Redemption

Satan will not waste time and give you
a second chance for redemption!
Once he has you in his power your soul
is lost to him with no exemption!

There won't be on is part any kind of
reconciliation and there is no exception.
The sad part about it is you didn't have
to follow Satan's direction.

Believing in God and His saving Grace you
could of had the faith for the asking.
When you don't ask God to save you many
bad things in your life will begin happening.

It is easy to sit back and do nothing and Satan
knows that beyond a shadow of a doubt!
When Satan gets your soul in hell there is no
way for you then to get out!

While you still have your soul, protect it with
faith in God and you will be with Him.
You don't want to be with Satan for eternity,
crucified to him by your own sin!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry