Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Sin In My Dreams

Dear Lord help me when I sleep at night
I sin in my dreams.
I pray not to, but I curse and I am involved
in all kinds of schemes.

How can one control what they dream about?
Am I still controlled by sin?
I do not curse in the day time or plot evil
like the way I once had been.

Am I too weak in the Spirit that my mind
has complete control over me?
Oh! Dear Lord, help me in my dreams for
there are all kinds of sins I see.

I must be at war with myself, the good
verses the bad--it is constant chaos!
Those night-mares of mine I can not
stop them, Lord I am at a loss.

But I cannot accept defeat, I will continue
to pray for peaceful dreams--I must!
I know I'm saved by you Lord, I will keep
the faith and pray for victory from my lust!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry