Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Do Not Cause Others to Sin

Each one of us will stand before God the Scriptures say,
every knee will bow and every tongue will confess
to God and He will hear every sound.
So, we should not condemn another Christian, who
are we to ever look down?

Yes, each one of us will have to give an account of
ourselves in front of the Almighty Lord.
So, do not let anyone of us bother another Christian
let them be of their own accord.

The Kingdom of God for us is living a life of goodness,
peace and joy all in the harmony of the Holy Spirit.
If we serve Christ with that attitude we will please God,
then we will have no fear in our lives or get near it!

Remember, if you do anything you know is not right,
you are not helping other Christians and that is true.
Do not cause another Christian to stumble because
God is always looking at me and you!

   Isaiah,45:23 49:18
   Romans, 14:10-23

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry