Ujamaa Christian Poetry

We Are Christians In Our Own Way

"We should accept all christians no matter
if their faith is very strong or very weak.
We are not to order them around by the
words that we speak!

It is up to them how they are responsible
to God in their own way.
In that truth we are not to bother them
in anything or on any day.

If some christians have a favorite day to
worship God, then that is fine.
Who are we to try and change other
Christians thoughts of what is in their mind!

We are not our own masters while we
live or on the day that we die.
While we are alive though, we are to
please God and always try.

We belong to our Savior, Jesus, who died
for us and rose from the tomb of the dead.
And he is our Lord, if we are alive or have
passed on." Paul, the Apostle of our Lord, said.
    Romans 14:1-9

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry