Ujamaa Christian Poetry

From The Bottom Up

Dear Lord, I didn't always follow You or Your
light, but I sure do now!
I had to hit hard rock bottom first though, then
You helped me wipe the sweat of sins from my brow!

I can hardly believe that I was so very far from You,
I surely had strayed.
It would have never happened if I would have kept
my faith and to only You prayed.

You loved me so much but I had no idea that Your
love could conquer all of my wrongful ways.
Dear Lord, I promise you here and now I will keep
Your love in my heart all the rest of my days.

Starting from the bottom up is very hard but each step
was another love lesson from you Lord, I learned.
I would advise other people not to start that far down.
At the bottom, only the wages of sin are earned!

I thank you Lord, with all my love that a human being
can possibly ever be able to give.
Thanks Lord, for a second chance at life, I see Your
lighted path and that is where I shall live.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry