Ujamaa Christian Poetry

"I.O.U." S

How many I.O.U.s do you have built up
unsaid in the Lord's name?
How many prayers are you behind on,
are there many - pretty much the same?

Do you say that you are going to start praying
to the Lord starting tomorrow?
What if you die tonight - do you have any
credit for life that you can borrow?

I would hesitate to cash in any I.O.U. S at
that point because you will be way over due.
Take some good advice right now - get
caught up with the Lord and you.

You get one chance in this thing called life -
we each have to make our own way.
Don't make your life harder and lose your soul -
that is a price you won't be able to pay.

There in no better feeling on this Earth than
the one of being in the Lord's loving care.
Surely, everyone should have the time
in their life for some humble prayer.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry