Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In Jesus' Garden

When we accept Jesus as our Savior,
we are planted in His garden - where we can grow.
Jesus will always nurture us there,
and pull any weeds away from us that show.

Our tender young shoots will need Jesus to fend off
Satan's fires, that rage at times over the ground.
Jesus will stop Satan's attacks on us because we are a
part of Him, He will turn Satan's fires around!

I am blessed to say that at this moment in my life,
I'm about half grown in Jesus' garden.
I am a small plant of faith but it makes no
difference, because my sins Jesus will still pardon.

I need His nourishment to become a stronger plant of
faith, and be ready for His harvest.
I will immerse myself in prayer, and Holy Scripture,
and Jesus will give me the rest.

We are all growing in Jesus' garden and that's the way
it is, I'm sure you're planted somewhere down the row.
Yes, Jesus is our Gardener and I wanted to share that
Good News, With you just in case you did not know.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry