Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Don't Need All the Answers

My great, dear Lord Your infinite
wisdom I know nothing of.
But the Holy Bible tells me that
You are a God that is all love.

I do not seek knowledge that is
above human understanding.
I will leave that task to others, I care
only that in Your love I am standing.

I don't need all the answers of
how everything got started.
It's not that important to me because
my love for You is deeply hearted.

For faith answers evey question for me
and that's how to live in Your Grace.
The Holy Bible is my handbook, in it's
pages I know who started the human race.

We humans are made in Your image, that's all
I need to know - that's good enough for me.
Your love Lord has captivted my soul
and my future with You I can see.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry