Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Master

When the time is right our dear Lord
and Master will appear.
The Lord unannounced will come,
those who don't know Him will have fear.

When the trumpet sounds, all who
belong to the Master will rejoice.
For they have kept the faith and
Jesus will be known by His voice.

Their spirits will soar with rejoicing,
happiness and great praising will abound.
But lost are those who never believed
that Jesus has always been around.

I pray that I'm alive when the Master,
our Shepard, comes for His flock.
I will be ready for Him with full faith
for I am of His stock.

What a blessing it will be when Jesus comes
riding on a cloud, I pray that I will see Him.
I know for sure what it will mean and all who
are saved in Christ will be saved from their

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry