Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The King of Glory

The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it,
the world and all it's people belong to Him.
For He has layed the Earth's foundation on
the seas and He has saved us from our sin.

Who may climb the mountain of the Lord,
who may stand at His holy place?
Only those who are saved may, for their
hearts are pure it shines on their face.

All who do not worship money and refrain
from telling lies will receive the Lord's blessing.
For they have the right to stand with their Savior
and in that truth there is no guessing.

They alone have stayed steadfast to the
Good News and they have in all things endured.
They will be called by name to their heavenly
home for by Jesus' words they are assured.

So open up the ancient gates, open up the
ancient doors and let the King of Glory in!
Who is the King of Glory? It is the Lord almighty,
He is the King of Glory and His children go with Him!

Inspired by Psalm 24

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry