Ujamaa Christian Poetry

O Great God of all Time

O our great God of all time,
May we keep You always in mind.
You have given us a New Year,
And we feel your love so dear.

O God you have been our caretaker,
We praise You for being our Maker.
We thank you God, for all You have done,
We praise You this New Year for Your Son.

If we did not have Him as our dear Lord,
We would never see Heaven where time is stored.
There would be no use to even start the day,
For there is no one like Him and to Him we pray.

O great God of all time and eternity,
We are your children and we praise Thee.
See us safely to Your Kingdom's gate,
Thank you God for the New Year I state.

I close this poem to You, O God, with joy,
And I in Your service will surely employ.
I look forwards to the New Year days to come,
For in You God, is where all time came from.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry