Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mom, Poems and Blessings

Dearest Mom, I write you this poem to let you
know I am thankful you are in God's hands.
We often talked about going to Heaven
and we knew we were in God's plans.

I've always loved you, I wrote you many
poems about the events in our lives at the time.
Some were full of joy, and others were not -
But we did our best to let our lights shine.

I cried on your shoulders and you cried on mine;
special moments they were to remember, and I do.
And for over eighteen years, I went to sleep in my
room in our home secure in the nearness of you..

And now life still goes on - God sees to that.
I will travel the narrow road as you taught me.
Dear Mom, that is what I'll do. For God gave us
promised life after death - our salvation is free!

And Mom, the greatest blessing in our lives
is that through Jesus Christ we are saved.
Dear Mom, it is such a gift that we will
meet in Heaven, it's why we were made!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry