Ujamaa Christian Poetry

We Live On Borrowed Time

We are each living on borrowed time;
God lets us borrow it from Him each day.
That means if He can give time to live,
He can also take time away!

God is the giver of all things, both big and
small, He is the Mighty, Holy One!
He has the right to take us away at any
moment, and then our life on Earth is done.

Only God knows when our time will run out,
none of us will ever know the day or the time.
So, we need to do our best and believe in God's
Son in every way and keep Him in our mind!

Do not let your borrowed time slip away from
you without knowing God and salvation from sin!
Ask the Lord to come into your heart, soul and
mind - you will be saved for all time by Him.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry