Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Silence Of God's Lambs

When you hear no bickering, gossip or
complaining you're among God's Lambs.
For God's Lambs are kind and loving,
they know of God's commands.

Yes, my friends, the silence of God's
Lambs is a wonderful sound!
For they are communing with God
what a blessing when it's found!

It can take many years though to learn
to be quiet when you really should.
But my friends remember that God is
teaching us how to be good.

So, really in one way the silence of God's
Lambs is spoken but it is spoken silently.
It is all done by the actions from inside
where God dwells in you and me!

Let us be God's Lambs and when He
returns we will be ready for Him!
Yes, all my readers of this poem,
we will all have new life again!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry